POLICE Magazine - April 2015

COVER STORY 25 Ways to Make Police Training More Effective * Countering Gun Grabs * Wearable Technology On Duty * Practical Flashlight Tactics


25 Ways to Make Police Training More Effective
Experience trainers and veteran officers say there are some basic steps that agencies and instructors can take to enhance law enforcement training.

Safeguarding The Most Vulnerable

Project Lifesaver works with law enforcement and other first responders to locate and return special needs people who wander away from their homes.

All Lives Matter

The people fanning the flames of the anti-police protests need to realize that police officers' lives matter, too.

Practical Flashlight Techniques and Tactics

A flashlight is one of the most important pieces of equipment you carry, and you need to train to use it effectively and choose the right light for your mission.


Wearable technology is already in use on duty to improve communication and situational awareness, and officers can expect more on the horizon.



Daniel Defense MK12 Rifle

Police Product Test

Oakley SI Light Assault Boots and Casio G-Shock Military Black Watches


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Training: Canine to K-9

By Mark Fox
The decision to take a dog and transform it into a highly trained law enforcement animal isn't one to be taken lightly. It is a commitment, with year-round responsibility—both on and off-duty—for the dog and the humans who work with the dog.

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Cultivating a Relationship with Campus Police

By Melanie Basich
If you're an officer working in a college town, you need to understand the operational differences and similarities between your agency and that of the local campus police or security force so you can all work together effectively.

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SHOT Show 2015 Sneak Preview

By David Griffith
Each January the leading manufacturers of firearms, gear, equipment, and apparel debut many of their new products at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. Here's a quick preview.