POLICE Magazine - April 2018

COVER STORY: * A Day in the Life of a Bicycle Officer * *


A Day in the Life of a Bicycle Officer (COVER STORY)

Riding a bicycle all shift provides many opportunities to interact with the public in ways other officers can't.

Less-Lethal Options

These tools provide officers more flexibility in how to respond to non-deadly threats.

K-9 First Aid Basics

Here is what handlers should know so they can provide medical aid to their four-legged partners.

Motor Units Are Resource Multipliers

Are your agency's motorcycle officers being used to their full advantage?

12 Things You Need to Know About LPR

License plate recognition is one of the most effective but most misunderstood crime prevention tools available to law enforcement.

Police Survey: Gun Control, "Assault Weapons," and School Safety

Law enforcement officers are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and do not support measures to prohibit sales of "assault weapons" and "high-capicity" magazines to the public.

Thinking Outside of the Recruiting Box

Agencies are being forced to embrace new ways of reaching potential hires to fill their ranks.

Maintaining Your Force

To avoid needlessly recruiting additional officers, agencies are working to keep current officers happy in their careers.


Editorial -  Score 2 for the Good Guys

Stripes and Bars - Strengthening the Chain of Command

In My Sights - Why or Why Not?


A Closer Look - New Orleans Police Department

The Winning Edge - Adding More Realism to Training

Cop Finance - Expenses: What to Cut and What to Keep


Police Product Test - 5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Jean and Streamlight TLR-7



Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - April 2018
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