POLICE Magazine - August 2016

COVER STORY * SWAT Response to the War on Police * *


SWAT Response to the War on Police (COVER STORY)

Officers trained in SWAT operations can make a big difference during attacks on fellow officers and the public.

Police Eyewear 2016

These spectacles will shield your eyes from the sun and more when you're on or off-duty.

Duty and Tactical Boots 2016

Whether you are walking a beat, working a perimeter, or making a dynamic entry, footwear manufacturers have a product that will match your mission.

Reducing Driving Dangers

Officers working speed enforcement are always on the move finding ways to observe, strategize, and educate with the goal of reducing driving dangers.

Speed Enforcement Tools

Technology that clocks driving speeds and calms traffic helps officers keep roads safe.

Who Really Should Take De-Escalation Training ?

It's not the police, it's the public who are ignorant of the law and need additional civil rights and civil responsibility education.

12 Keys to a Successful Career

There's a lot you can learn from veteran and retired officers who have worn the badge before you, including how to thrive and prosper in the law enforcement profession.

Getting in Front of the Story

Law enforcement must proactively protect its reputation by building relationships with journalists and helping them get the story right.

Duty and Tactical Gloves 2016

Protect your hands on the job with this gear designed for officers.

Tactical Helmets 2016

Don this headgear for important protection on your mission.

Getting Your Unmanned Aircraft Program Off the Ground

Because of relaxed FAA requirements for law enforcement operations of unmanned aircraft, now is a very good time for agencies to consider adding "drones" to their emergency response resources.

Editorial - Enough is enough

Stripes and Bars -  The Three Things Only You Can Control

The Federal Voice - You Can't Lead from Behind

In My Sights - Give Me an Unlisted Number, Please


Police Product Test:

Dickies Men's Stretch Ripstop Tactical Pants and AE Light AEX35/50 HID Searchlight


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POLICE Magazine - August 2016
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