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Fighting the "Never Say Die" Killer

By Dean Scoville
Taking the one-percenter out is problematic. You're no doubt familiar with the extremely popular cable television series "The Walking Dead" in which you have to shoot the brain to put down the monster. This often holds true in getting the one-percenters to go "lights out," too.


Rapid DNA: Finding the Money
Rapid DNA technologies are strong candidates for grant proposals because they speed arrests and can potentially help communities reduce non-violent crime.

Speeding Up DNA Analysis
New rapid DNA profiling technologies are emerging to help address agencies' challenges. One system, for example, automates DNA profiling from a simple cheek swab, generating results in about 90 minutes.

Speed Sign Success
Every driver speeds now and again, especially on heavily trafficked thoroughfares. A reminder in the form of a temporary radar sign displaying the driver's speed may be all that's needed to bring down vehicles' speedometer readings.


Excel in Online Education
Whether you're a novice or an old hand at completing degrees and training online, here are some practical tips to help you excel in online courses.

A Warrior's Service
Too often people say negative things about the term "warrior" when what they are really against are "members of a tribe." There is no good thing about our society that was not made possible by a warrior's courage, sacrifice, and service.

Texas Cop Killer Execution: Justice Too Long Delayed
The man who pulled the trigger and ended Officer Gaddis' life was Edgar Tamayo. He may have had a low IQ, but when it came to killing he was a savant.



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POLICE Magazine - February 2014