POLICE Magazine - February 2018

COVER STORY: * SURVEY: How To Select, Buy, and Use Flashlights * *


Survey: Flashlights and Weapon Lights (COVER STORY)

Other than badges and guns, the one tool that almost every officer carries on duty is a personal light.  We asked officers how they buy, use, and train with their lights.

Law Enforcement Lighting 2018

These illumination devices will help light the way on duty, day or night.

Lead the Way To A Successful Department

Effective leadership can inspire employees to become invested in your agency, ensuring organizational success.

15 Things You Should Know About Speed Enforcement Tools

Many officers use radar and lidar speed monitoring devices regularly, but not everyone understands everything about how they work and the best ways to use them.

The Next Generation of Patrol Vehicles

Look at the current police vehicle and consumer vehicle trends and you can make predictions about what you'll be driving on duty in the next decade.


Editorial -  Lying with Numbers

The Federal Voice - Data Tactics

In My Sights - Take a Breath


First Look - Ekin: Smart Patrol in a Lightbar

How To... - How to Remarket Patrol Vehicles

A Closer Look - Jefferson County (WI) Sheriff's Office

The Winning Edge - Pre-Attack Indicators

Cop Finance - The Buzz About Bitcoin


Police Product Test - 5.11 Tactical Women's Defender-Flex Slim Pant



In Your Own Words

Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - February 2018
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