POLICE Magazine - January 2017

COVER STORY * Trump and Law Enforcement: Will He Help You? * *


What Will He Do To Help You? (COVER STORY)

As Donald Trump takes office as the 45th President of the United States, many in law enforcement have great expectations.

Firearms 2017

The world's gun manufacturers plan to introduce a variety of innovative products this year.

Sighting Devices 2017

Here's a look at the latest law enforcement-applicable optics, sights, and similar devices on the market.

Ammunition 2017

A wide range of rounds are available to meet the varying needs of law enforcement.

Proven Designs and New Technology

In the past, law enforcement officers and agencies chose duty gear and accessories for a lot of reasons, including security, ease of draw, durability, and style.  Soon they may factor technology into the decision.

Emotional Resilience for Officers

A new program to reduce PTSD among law enforcement officers teaches that emotional survival requires emotional education and awareness.

Don't Sound Retreat on Drug Enforcement

Despite what you hear from the press and legalization advocates, American police have had great success in the struggle against street drugs.

An Open Letter to President Trump

In order to make America great again, we have to make officers and the public safe again.


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POLICE Magazine - January 2017