POLICE Magazine - January 2018

COVER STORY * What's New in Firearms, Ammo, and Armor * *


Firearms 2018 (COVER STORY)

Makers of long guns and handguns for law enforcement operations will be marketing a broad range of new and ongoing product lines this year.

Ammunition 2018 (COVER STORY)

These rounds provide a variety of options for law enforcement officers.

Police Protective Gear 2018 (COVER STORY)

Makers of law enforcement armor, helmets, and shields have plans to introduce new products or improve existing products in the coming year.

Firearms Training Equipment 2018 (COVER STORY)

When you're looking to improve your shooting practice, look to these tools.

Haix Triple Tactical Boot Wear Test

Three tactical teams put three pairs of Haix footwear through their paces and shared their feedback.

The Lighter Side of Enforcing the Law

From traffic stops to the courts, sometimes the best tool an officer has for meeting the challenges of the job is a sense of humor.

Police Surgeon

Dr. Sydney Vail rolls out with a SWAT team, trains law enforcement officers in hemorrhage response, and operates on wounded officers as a gunshot wound specialist.

Busting the Backlog

By establishing new policies for processing rape kit evidence and by adopting victim-centered investigation strategies, departments can close more sexual assault cases.


Guest Editorial -  Will the New Year be Safer for You?

In My Sights - The End


First Look - Blowback Laser Trainer: The Practice Gun

How To... - How to Implement and Justify A Drone Program

The Winning Edge - Defending Against the Choke

Officer Fitness - Just Get It Done

Cop Finance - 4 Books to Make 2018 Your Best Financial Year Yet


Police Product Test - Lotar Combat Akrav Gen II Knife



In Your Own Words

Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - January 2018
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