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The POLICE Light and Laser Survey

By David Griffith
Because of the critical importance of illumination tools in law enforcement operations, POLICE recently conducted a survey about flashlight, weapon light, and laser sight ownership, usage, and training among working law enforcement officers. The following is a snapshot of our findings.


Explosives Detection In Hand
Thanks to improved technology, trace explosives detectors are now smaller and easier to use. These handheld devices are sized to fit in a cargo pocket and can detect the smallest amounts of explosive materials and the precursors used to make bombs.

Policing Tourist Areas: Working Where Others Play
Law enforcement officers who work in tourism towns have a two-fold mission, protecting the locals and protecting the droves of tourists that the locals depend upon for their livelihood and their departments depend upon for operating funds. That may sound crass but law enforcement agencies in destination areas have to be aware of the numbers and what they mean.

Tactical Medicine in Transition
So if emergency medical response during critical incidents is now going to be performed by patrol officers and individual SWAT operators, do law enforcement agencies still need tactical medical support? The experts say yes and for a variety of reasons.


Unfair Criticism of U.S. Marshals
Despite a three-year budget freeze and stagnating staff levels, the U.S. Marshals Service's Regional Fugitive Task Force (RFTF) units apprehended 73,422 fugitives last year. So why would the news media criticize their performance and commitment?

Good, Bad, and Awful News: A Month on the Job
Each week, the staff here at POLICE posts a couple dozen or more news items on PoliceMag.com. Here's a snapshot of what we covered, good, bad, and awful, in June.

Hitting the Reset Button
When you hear a war story, imagine yourself in the situation, "preloading" yourself for success in similar incidents.



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