POLICE Magazine - June Buyers Guide 2017

COVER STORY * National Police Week 2016: Honoring the Fallen * *


National Police Week 2016: Honoring the Fallen (COVER STORY)

POLICE Magazine sent photographer Lynn Cronquist to this year's Police Week Candlelight Vigil where she captured images of survivors and officers paying their respects as well as the candlelight ceremony itself.

Tactical and Patrol Uniforms

This apparel is designed to look professional while withstanding extreme conditions.

How Miranda Became a Household Name

The Supreme Court's ruling 50 years ago outlining how police must notify citizens of their rights resulted from Ernesto Miranda's arrest and interrogation.

How to Maximiize Retirement Income

The best way to provide yourself with a comfortable retirement is to chart a course and follow it.

A Movement Built on Lies

Black Lives Matter uses misinformation and outright falsehoods to advance its agenda of intimidating officers and weakening the public's desire for vigilant law enforcement.

Who Qualifies for the LEOSA Privilege?

It's important for both officers and agencies to understand what the LEOSA law says and what it means.

Why Officers Need Advanced Medical Training

Giving officers the training and tools needed to respond to common causes of death from penetrating trauma will save both civilian and police lives.


Editorial -  A Really Dumb Idea

Stripes and Bars -  Cop 101 Never Goes Out of Style

The Federal Voice - Honoring Fallen Heroes During Police Week

In My Sights - The Age of Unreason


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POLICE Magazine - June Buyers Guide 2017
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