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COVER STORY * Preventing Police Suicides * *


National Police Week 2017: Honoring the Fallen

A collection of images from this year's Police Week Candlelight Vigil in Washington, DC, shows people honoring fallen officers by attending and visiting the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to pay their respects.

Range Training Equipment

Use these tools to enhance your shooting practice.

Work Shirts

Whichever type of shirt you wear on duty, long or short sleeves, these pieces are made to meet your needs.

Work Pants and Shorts

These pants and shorts are designed for comfort and durability on the job.

Managing High-Speed Pursuits

Pursuits can be deadly for everyone involved, but they can't be prohibited in all cases.  So agencies need to have policies and procedures in place to reduce the danger.

The Hybrid Patrol Car

Ford's new hybrid police sedan doubles fuel efficiency, but still offers pursuit-rated performance.

The Twist That Saves Lives

Officers were once discouraged from using tourniquets; now agencies are issuing these lifesavers and training officers to use them.

An Officer Safety Reality Check

The best way to reduce line-of-duty deaths is to concentrate on safety issues that officers can control.

Coping With Stress on the Job

Law enforcement is becoming an increasingly difficult profession, and officers need to know how to decompress in healthy ways.

Preventing Police Suicides (COVER STORY)

Making mental health services more acceptable and accessible is key to getting officers the help they need so they won't take their own lives.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: 5 Keys To Securing Grant Funding

Writing the grant application is just one small part of the process.


Editorial - Focusing on Officer Safety

Stripes and Bars -  Preparedness, Not Paranoia

The Federal Voice -   Stiff Drug Offense Sentences Save Lives

In My Sights - He Said, She Said


Police Product Test - Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic Helmet Cover and Peltor Adaptor


First Look - SureFire: Built for Concealed Carry

How To.... Work With Aviation Units

The Winning Edge

Officer Fitness - Eat Real Food

Cop Finance - Stop Living Check-to-Check




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POLICE Magazine - June 2018 Buyers Guide