POLICE Magazine - May 2016

COVER STORY * Are Pistol Optics Ready for Duty? * *


Are Pistol Optics Ready for Duty? - COVER STORY

Handgun optics offer faster target acquisition and improved accuracy.  So experts say they will be adoptedc by law enforcement; the only question is when.

Finding the Right Flashlight for the Job

Here's a primer to help you determine which illumination tools will work best for you throughout your shift and beyond.

Special Ballistic Protection

Be it in the form of a vest, helmet, blanket, or even a detachable car-door shield, these products are designed to protect law enforcement officers from gunfire.

Animal Activity and the Crime Scene

The effects of post-mortem scanvenging on human remains can complicate homicide investigations and make it difficult to determine cause of death or even identify the victim.

21st-Century Firearms Training

Fenix Law Enforcement Training Systems' new D.R.A.W. School program uses scientific analysis developed for enhancing athletic performance to help officers improve their shooting skills.

How to Give Your Child a Financial Head Start

You can invest your child's money and yours in a variety of wealth-generating assets, but at least part of your strategy should involve stocks.

Staying Safe on Your Second Job

Working off-duty security holds its own set of dangers.


Editorial -  Acts of Kindness

Stripes and Bars -  Having Skin in the Game

The Federal Voice - Don't Ban the "21-Foot Rule"

In My Sights - The Names


First Look

Think It Through

The Winning Edge

Point of Law


Police Product Test - 5.11 Tactical Apex Tactical Pants and Bullet Blocker Gabriel Ballistic Base Layer





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POLICE Magazine - May 2016
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