POLICE Magazine - May 2018

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Specialty Vehicles for LEOS (COVER STORY)

These vehicles help officers accomplish their missions in a wide range of environments.

Evaluating A Pistol for Duty Use

Many factors go into determining what handguns is best for your agency.

The Latest Duty Pistols

Four of the world's largest gunmakers are competing to provide American law enforcement with the next great service weapon.

Understanding the LEOSA Qualification Process

The requirements for a retired officer to carry under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act are simple, so agencies and officers shouldn't complicate them.

A Blueprint for Making Better Armor

The National Institute of Justice has proposed a much-needed revision to the terminology and testing procedures used for certifying vests and hard plates.


Editorial -  Pray for the Portland Police

The Federal Voice - Disarm Before Entering

In My Sights - Your Skin is in the Game


First Look - Brekford Traffic Safety: Move Over Or Else

How To - How To Develop a Policy

The Winning Edge - More Than Just a Club

Officer Fitness - Making Meditation Not Suck

A Closer Look - Lincoln (NE) Poilce Department


Arsenal - FN America 509 Duty Pistol

Police Product Test - N-ear Stealth 360 Earpiece and Safariland 6390RDS ALS Holster



Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - May 2018