POLICE Magazine - November 2012


Tablets: The Handheld Option

By Melanie Basich
To capitalize on the explosion of interest in handheld computers, plenty of companies have launched new tablets, including many specifically designed for police work. These devices are still new, but they are expected to have a major impact on public safety technology.


How to Use Police Vehicle Tests  

The agencies that test new model-year, pursuit-rated vehicles offer complementary evaluations and differing methodologies that give them equal weight among vehicle purchasers.


New York's Mobile Trauma Unit  

Since its inception, the New York-based Mobile Trauma Unit (MTU) has provided critical medical support to law enforcement officers during national security events, high-risk enforcement operations, and training exercises.

Hunting for Shooting Mastery  

Some trainers say it takes 5,000 reps or five years to master a weapon or a skill, but that doesn't match the research. The research says we don't know how many reps or how long it will take YOU to master a skill.

Do You Have a Personal Life?  

Cops are being punished for activities that they participated in while off duty and while not identifying themselves as officers. So one has to ask the questions: What is an officer permitted to do off duty? Where are the red lines? And at what point do officers lose their First Amendment rights?



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POLICE Magazine - November 2012