POLICE Magazine - November 2013


AWD Patrol Vehicles Gain Traction

By Paul Clinton
Traditionally, police vehicles have arrived for duty with rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. Starting with the 2015 model year, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors will offer at least one police vehicle in an all-wheel or four-wheel-drive configuration.


Streamlining the Job
New technology and modern practices are saving wear and tear on everything from budgets to personnel. In an era of doing more with less, it just makes sense.

Electric Motorcycles on Patrol
While it's unlikely that all-electric cars will replace their gasoline-powered counterparts for law enforcement patrol duty, smaller electric vehicles have made inroads into police fleets.


Guilt, Shame, and the Crimefighter
I can’t have you hesitating in an armed confrontation because of some deep-seated guilt that makes you believe you deserve to lose or should be punished.

Deadly Force in D.C.
Critics often ask why officers didn't shoot at the tires. The answer is that law enforcement tactics don't follow Hollywood fiction. They must work in the real world.

Airsoft Tragedy in Sonoma County
What might have happened if the subject had been a gang member, the AK had been real, and the deputy hadn’t taken action?



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POLICE Magazine - November 2013