POLICE Magazine - November 2015

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Under the Influence - COVER STORY

Drug driving is becoming more of a concern, making DUI stops more complicated for police officers.

Traffic Enforcement

These tools help you monitor and respond to traffic issues.

Police Radios Transition into a New Era

Law enforcement communications tools now offer a variety of ways for officers to maintain contact both within and without their agencies.

Reaching Out to the Community

How some law enforcement agencies are working to reverse the public's poor perception of police.

Collateral Damage

The children of violent criminals are often long-term casualties of their parents' actions.  And the children of officers can suffer when mom or dad can't leave the horrors of the job at work.


Editorial -  Make Them Pay

Stripes and Bars -  Your Leadership Roles

The Federal Voice - Rage Against Active Shooters

In My Sights - Snack Food


Police Product Test - Vertx Core Casual Pants and Angel Armor Trauma Plate



Product Showcase Guide



POLICE Magazine - November 2015