POLICE Magazine - November 2016

COVER STORY * Getting the Full Picture: 3D Crime Scene Scanning * *


Capturing A Moment in Time (COVER STORY)

The newest technology captures millions of measurement points quickly and efficiently to create a virtual view of a crime scene in 3D.

Genetic Witness

Parabon Nanolabs' SNP testing uses DNA to predict an unidentified person's appearance and give investigators new leads.

Facial Recognition Comes of Age

Image identification technology is now paying dividends in security and investigations, but users need to know how to generate optimal results.

Why So Many Police are Being Murdered

The best of America is being killed by the worst, and the reasons are revolving door jails and growing disrespect for police.


Editorial - Doubling Down on Disaster

Stripes and Bars -  Maintaining Focus

The Federal Voice -   Busting the Pot Fairy Tale

In My Sights - Traits of the Trade


Police Product Test: Meprolight FT Bullseye Sight and Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Delta Pants and Pinnacle Shirt


First Look

How To....

The Winning Edge

Officer Fitness




Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - November 2016
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