POLICE Magazine - October 2015

COVER STORY * Justifying Your Agency's Acquisition of Armored Vehicles * *


The Buddy System - COVER STORY

Partnering up is the best way to deter ambush attacks against police officers, but most agencies can't or won't change their patrol deployment strategy.

LE Software

These high-tech programs simplify your workflow and make doing your job easier.

Vehicle Mounts

These solutions secure electronics and other equipment in your patrol car to provide easy access and functionality throughout your shift.

Built Cop Tough

There are a lof of law enforcement rugged computing systems available, and there are many reasons why cops need devices that can take serious punishment and still work.

Building Mental Resiliency

Officer survival requires both physical and psychological training and fitness.

Case Study: A Body in New Brunswick

It would take cross-border cooperation and persistance to find Maria Tanasichuk's corpse and ultimately convict her killer.

What Lies Benath

Investigating illegal subterranean Arizona tunnels requires the Border Patrol Tunnel Team to routinely enter dark passageways and encounter the unknown.

Good, Bad, and Ugly

Black Lives Matter's demands for reforming law enforcement include a few points that officers should applaud but others are not viable, misguided, biased, and just plain dangerous.


Editorial -  A War of Words

Stripes and Bars -  Conducting Effective Meetings

The Federal Voice - Where is the Clinton Cloth for Cops?

In My Sights - The Last Time


Arsenal - Bravo Company Manufacturing BCM MK12 Rifle

Police Product Test - Dara Holsters IWB Glock 42 Holster and TSSI TacOps Active Response


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Think it Through

Shots Fired
The Winning Edge
Point of Law



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POLICE Magazine - October 2015