POLICE Magazine - October 2016

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Policing in 2016 (COVER STORY)

The technologies used in law enforcement are evolving rapidly.  Here's how that may affect the future.

Handheld Mobile Devices

These tough handheld devices bring advanced technology into the field, giving officers an edge and saving precious time.

Helping Officers Find Better Training

One of the nation's oldest law enforcement standards and training associations recently teamed up with a technology company to build a catalog of nationally certified training.

Wear Testing The Haix Black Eagle Tactical 20 Boots

Officers from three different agencies participated in a wear test of Haix footwear on duty and shared their experience.

If It Pleases The Court

Don't let myths about testifying in court trip you up when you need to take the stand.

Beyond Data Storage

Cloud computing can do much more for law enforcement agencies than store and manage digital video.

Wounded Officer Treatment and Transport

Minutes count when an officer is down, and often the best option for getting the officer to an ER quickly is the back seat of a patrol car.


Looking Forward

Celebrating the 40th year of POLICE Magazine in print by predicting the future.

Tactical Nostalgia

Back in 1976, the firearms used by law enforcement were very different than they are today, but still very effective.

40 Years of Training

We've gone from chalkboards to PowerPoint, but technology is not the only reason law enforcement training has evolved.


Editorial - The End Game

Stripes and Bars -  Don't Be an Idea Person

The Federal Voice -   Protecting 9/11 First Responders

In My Sights - Are You a Cynic?


Arsenal: SIG SAUER MCX Carbine


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How To....

The Winning Edge



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POLICE Magazine - October 2016
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