POLICE Magazine - September 2016

COVER STORY * The Evolution of Duty Gear * *


The Evolution of Duty Gear (COVER STORY)

Our systems for carrying equipment on the job have come a long way since the days of the original Sam Browne.

The 2016 Police Presidential Election Poll

The 2016 Republican ticket has deep support from working law enforcement officers, but Support for Donald Trump himself is shallow.

Leadership in An Anti-Police World

First-line supervisors can help guide officers to become more empowered and effective.

The Time is Right for Big Data Solutions

Many American law enforcement agencies have been slow to adopt analytics and other big data tools, but a number of factors are making the technology more attractive and effective.

Better Than a Crystal Ball

Predictive policing software predicts the future so that agencies can increase police presence and prevent crime.

Digital Extortion

Law enforcement agencies are falling prey to ransomware cyberattacks that experts say can be easily prevented or at least mitigated.


Editorial - Beware Armchair SWAT Commanders

Stripes and Bars -  Curiosity and Urgency

The Federal Voice -   Police are Less Safe Under Obama

In My Sights - You Did What?


Police Product Test:

Point Blank Guardian Vest and First Tactical 1-Day Plus Backpack


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How To....

The Winning Edge



Product Showcase Guide


POLICE Magazine - September 2016
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